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Who I Coach

I coach men to quickly and safely lose weight and build muscle, while reducing their risk for heart disease and diabetes in measurable ways.

Clients typically lose:

* 8+ pounds in 30 days
* 25+ pounds in 4 months
* 40+ pounds in 6 months
* results vary from man to man

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to achieve and maintain your ideal weight range year-round (through vacations, Holidays, stress, etc.).

Your health is wealth. While you lose weight, we’ll work together to wow your doctor with optimal ranges for blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol, and other bio-markers.

Food and exercise impact everything. Expect better energy, digestion, and sleep, along with a reduction of symptoms (i.e. heartburn, headaches, etc).

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Why I Coach

Coaching men is personal for me.

My grandfather Jack died of a heart attack before I was born.  My grandfather Charlie passed when I was in my teens.  Both were great men whose lives were cut short.

The science and research is clear: many diseases and deaths can be prevented or delayed through simple food and lifestyle changes.

My son Jacob Alexander was born last year.

I believe that all children should get to grow up with the presence, love and guidance of their fathers and grandfathers.

I believe all people should get to experience a high quality of health and physical ability long into old age.

This is why I coach.

How It Works

Think of me as a secret agent.  I quickly and professionally support you to remove obstacles that would otherwise take you out if you were trying to accomplish your goals on your own.

I ensure that you:

* have plan and tools to reach your goals
* make the min. changes for max. results
* break through all plateaus and challenges
* sustain your results and enjoy your lifestyle

You will NEVER have to:

* starve yourself or go to bed hungry
* give up your favorite foods/drinks
* sacrifice your social life
* spend many hours cooking or working out

Your personalized coaching program will not only get you results, it will also work for your life.

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