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 Now Is Your Time…

Even the Biggest Workaholics & Slackers
Quickly Boost Energy + Fitness
(Even Lose Up To 15 Pounds)
With Our Habit Change Success System

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Join Us In The Next Man Up
September 15th – October 12th

Lucas Matt Joe Man Up Coaches

As a new member, you will
customize your Man Up in a  1-on-1 Phone Coaching Session

with your coach: Lucas Seipp-Williams, Joe Johnson or Matt Sadler

Week #1: Launch Pad

Coaching Calls: Wed. at 7:00 pm ET or Thurs. at 12 pm ET (recorded if you miss)

  1. Nutrition: wean off energy-draining foods and prep for the Detox
  2. Fitness: raise the bar on fitness in a way that works for your body and your life
  3. Success: leverage the power of the 4 Key Practices to Habit Change

Week #2: Take-Off

Coaching Calls: Wed. at 7:00 pm ET or Thurs. at 12 pm ET (recorded if you miss)

  1. Nutrition:  boost energy and reduce inflammation days 1-7 of the detox
  2. Fitness: increase flexibility with the 7 minute Yoga sequence
  3. Success: leverage the power of daily accountability and inspiration 

Week #3: Accelerator

Coaching Call: Wed. at 7:00 pm ET or Thurs. at 12 pm ET (recorded if you miss)

  1. Nutrition: accelerate fat-burn + bolster energy days 8-14 of your detox
  2. Fitness: boost your strength with strategic training you can do anywhere
  3. Success: practice the #1 habit for success in any area of life

Week #4: Cruise Control

Coaching Calls: Wed. at 7:00 pm ET or Thurs. at 12 pm ET (recorded if you miss)

  1. Nutrition: customize your post-detox maintenance program
  2. Fitness: diversify your fitness plan for flexibility, strength and cardio
  3. Success: establish keys for sustaining results and momentum

What Are The Benefits?

Create Massive Momentum With Healthy Habits!

…And Feel Like This Guy…

Every man gets different results depending on all sorts of variables.  Our promise is that, after 30 days, you will have established new healthy habits that last your lifetime (so you get an ongoing and increasing return on your investment in this program).

Play “full out” in the Man Up and you can expect breakthrough results like…

  • Power through work with plenty of energy left over for evenings and weekends
  • Turn on your body’s metabolism and shed excess weight (5-16 pounds)
  • Support to aid your digestion through healthy foods
  • Become a man who is more powerful and peaceful in the face of life’s stresses and the regular failures we experience as men who are committed to excellence in all areas of life (being willing to fail is a big part of being a success!)
  • Be more magnetic, attract positive people and uplift people around you
  • Eliminate dependence on caffeine or sweets so you can choose when you indulge (as opposed to needing stimulants to survive the day)
  • Know yourself as a man who has power over his cravings, emotions and impulses (no longer controlled by inner forces that sabotage your progress)
  • Establish MANLY, healthy habits that you enjoy and can sustain as your lifestyle
  • Learn and integrate the 4 Keys to Habit Change, so you can accelerate success and personal growth in ANY area of your life.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from men who have applied the “Man Up!” Success System.

“14 Pounds in 30 Days.
Training for the half marathon.”

Del shared…

“I had put on some weight after the birth of my child, and I was definitely drinking more than I should have been. I was also very overextended and I was not good with routines; I would just do things as they came up.

When I did the Man Up, I lost 15 pounds and I’m continuing my weight loss today. I’m running at least 3 times per week now and I’m signed up for the Baltimore half marathon. I’ve gotten into much more of a routine schedule – going to bed at a certain time and starting my mornings right with a good breakfast. I’m in a good place with my relationship with alcohol. Plus, I’ve gotten a lot of comments from coworkers about how good I look, and I’m really excited to tell them why I look like this. They want to know if it’s some fad diet, but it’s just eating real food – natural, good, whole foods that we were meant to eat. I think it’s very fulfilling and satisfying and tasty.

If you have the mindset that you want to make some changes in your life and get healthy, then you have to man up and do it. With the support of the group and Lucas, the Man Up has been such a valuable experience that I’m probably going to make the commitment to do it at least once a year. Especially in the winter – you don’t want to be outdoors, you get into comfort foods around the holidays, and then you say, “I’ll start working out in a couple weeks….” Before you know it, it’s been a couple months. It’s good to have this kind of springboard every once in a while to get you right again.”

Del Schmidt, realtor, father, avid golfer in Baltimore

15 Pounds in 30 Days
“Too Young To Feel So Old.”
Energized, Anxiety Gone, Sleeping Well

David shared…

“I had put on a lot of weight in my 40s, and it seemed like I was getting slower and feeling less healthy all the time. I was starting to feel like an old man. I heard “eat less, exercise more,” but that was a little vague for me. I’d gotten to the point where I had night sweats and I could feel my heart pounding and skipping beats all the time. Not only did I also have too much fat around my gut, I was really bloated from poor digestion, so I was developing this big bubble at the middle of my body. I felt like I was aging at an accelerated pace.

When I started the Man Up, I weighed 235 pounds, and I dropped 15 pounds in four weeks. I also began to sleep better, and that really had a big impact on how I felt during my waking hours. My diet has changed – I’ve really gotten rid of some bad habits and introduced some good habits, and I have a lot of momentum in those areas. I literally feel like I’ve turned back the clock on my age by years. My inspiration is to be healthy and energetic and be able to participate fully in my son’s life.

I signed up for the Man Up a second time because I wanted to continue what I had learned. If you value your life and you miss the energy and happiness you felt as a younger man, you don’t have to give up on that.”

David Hoel, busy pro + father in Wisconsin

david's waist down 4 inches baggy clothes testimonialDavid’s waist shrunk 4 full inches and he texted us
this photo to prove it. I guess the poor guy needs a new wardrobe!

Lost 50+ pounds in 3 Man Ups.
“I am too young to have a heart attack.”

Matt shared…

“I signed up for the Man Up the first time because I was actually sick, very sick. About two years ago, I had a heart attack at the age of 35. That’s just too young to have a heart attack. I realized I needed some help, and the Man Up seemed like a no-brainer.

I’ve lost 50 pounds. Food doesn’t seem to have the same power over me as it used to. I feel much more energized, I get sick a lot less, and I feel confident all the time. As a large person, you’re very aware of your size. Now I just feel normal again. I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in five or six years, and I’m not afraid to go on a roller-coaster or an airplane because I know I’m going to fit this time. I think what makes the Man Up unique is the group mentality, having a group of men doing this together and knowing that your story matters to each one of them. The relationships have lasted for me.

My inspiration is that I want no obstacles in the way of my future, whether I want to climb mountains and travel or do rough-and-tumble things with my kids or look good for my wife. My future is too important to let something like my weight and my health drag me down. Participating in the Man Up multiple times is a way to reset and feel like you’re participating in something bigger than just yourself.”

Matt Sadler, IT pro, blogger, foodie, father in Florida

“Powerful and unique…
I avoid cravings and make better choices.”


As an attorney, I have a high pressure job and I’m sedentary most of the day. It was impacting my food and my health. I was eating badly, and for the wrong reasons. I was over-committed and breaking many of my commitments. I felt guilty, frustrated and out of control.

The accountability in the Man-Up is powerful and unique. Even the instructors are right there with you, coming clean when they break their commitments. The process we use in the Man Up makes it easy to quickly get back on track. I’m still not perfect, but I now know myself as a “man of my word.” No more wasted energy on guilt or judgment. No more giving up on my goals and commitments.

Plus, my relationship with food is greatly upgraded. My food choices are conscious. I’m able to avoid cravings (or emotional eating masked as cravings) and make better choices. Even my “bad choices” are now better choices than before. Moreover, the “bad choices” are fewer and farther between.

This is a great program for any man who has struggled with weight, lack of exercise, or making and keeping commitments of all kinds. Again, the coaches are right there, living it with you. If you’re looking to improve yourself, join us in the next program.

Cam, attorney, 40 yrs old, Richmond, VA

“I dropped 12 lbs. in 30 days.
The Man Up is extremely powerful.”

023 (457x640)

I was spinning my wheels with health and fitness. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but didn’t have an effective system – or the discipline – to make it happen. As a small business owner, I struggled to stay focused and committed to achieving my goals.

The Man Up was exactly what I needed to start taking control of my life. I dropped 12 lbs in 30 days and my cravings for unhealthy foods subsided as I replaced them with more nutritional alternatives. Small changes in my daily habits made it easier to achieve longer-term goals. Most importantly, I learned the power of being accountable for my commitment.

Since finishing the Man Up, I have continued on with many of the new habits and I have been able to keep losing weight. I have more energy to sink in to my business, I sleep better, and I have more confidence in having the discipline to keep my word.

I found the Man Up to be an extremely powerful program and I would recommend it to any man who is seeking to feel healthier and be more productive.

Bill S., 42 years old, small business owner, State College, PA

“I lost 16 pounds…
I no longer need insulin.”

Hernan BEFORE + AFTER Man Up Testimonial

Before the Man Up, I was 225 pounds and diabetic. My HGBA1C level was 8.2 and I was taking 30 units of insulin daily. My stamina for exercise was very low and I had no desire to walk at all, being very lazy and slow.

After 1 week, I lost 6 pounds and reduced my insulin from 30 to 15 units. By the end of the 3rd week I was not using insulin at all and I had the energy to walk again and to exercise more frequently. I lost 10 pounds total in the month.

Now (2 months later), I am 209 pounds (down 16 pounds total) and I’m still off insulin. My HGBA1C levels again and it is now 6.5. I exercise daily, rotating cycling, weight training, and tennis. I continue to eat nutrient-rich, healthy foods and stay off the sweets.

What I appreciate the most is the coaching and assistance from Lucas and his team with the nutrition. I developed new eating habits and I learned a lot of tips and tricks from the other group members.

Hernan B. – Architect, 70 years of age, Los Angeles, CA

“Improved sleep, more energy.
I will repeat the program.”


My sleep was out of whack and my energy was dropping through out the day.

I need that energy to show up powerfully for my wife and daughters, run my own business coaching practice, maintain a robust public speaking schedule, and annually expand my homestead (gardens, chickens, etc).

The group accountability of the Man Up got me hooked into playing the game of healthy habits. I ate more greens, less processed food and added a short meditation and stretch session to my mornings. All things I know to do, but fail to do consistently at times.

Post Man Up, the benefits continue, as I am now maintaining the consistent morning routine and my sleep improved, so I have better energy.

I guess the best endorsement I could give you to try the Man Up is to know that I am going to repeat the program. This program works to change habits. And that is the key to achieving goals. I am in!

Seth Braun, success coach and speaker, Fairfield, Iowa

“Lost 8 pounds the first 20 days.
More energy than I know what to do with.”

Ken shared…

“I worked with Joe and Lucas on reaching some of my nutritional and fitness goals. I eliminated caffeine and a couple of other processed foods – just by eliminating these few things, I lost 8 pounds in 20 days. The fitness activities are only 15 minutes a day. Working with Joe and Lucas really helped me do way better in a far shorter amount of time than I could do by myself. It’s not just a gym membership and it’s not just a cookbook that you bought. You’re with a lot of your peers and you get to see the specific problems they struggle with, whether it’s social drinking, coffee or alcohol, a pizza party at work.

After the Man Up, I’m not tired at all, ever. If you sign up, be prepared to have an exorbitant amount of energy. When you’re able to say, “I lost 15 pounds this month, I’m more awake than I’ve ever been, and I’m making first downs professionally…” that’s pretty awesome. It’s easy to make the investment if you’re ready to come closer to focusing on the best version of yourself.

Ken March, singer songwriter in Boston

“9 lbs. in 30 Days.
Habits That Last.”

tesimonial luke

With Lucas and the team, I dropped 9 pounds in 30 days. I’m gaining muscle weight, rather than fat. I’m finally getting back to the shape I want to be in with habits that can last.

When I signed up, I had more stress and less energy than I wanted. It was affecting my social life, love life, and my work. I was getting really good at giving excuses. ‘Too tired,’ ‘Too much work,’ and ‘No time for that’ were becoming commonplace justifications for my unhealthy lifestyle.

Do the Man Up if you’re ready to give up the excuses and establish a healthy, energetic lifestyle. I learned how to maximize my efforts with the little time I had. I found the best ways for me to work out, boost my mood, and keep consistently high energy.

Luke R., Project Manager in Washington, DC

“High energy all week long.
10 pounds and 2 belt notches.”

I’m a guy who works hard and plays hard. Before the Man Up, I was dealing with nagging fatigue, headaches and stomach issues on a weekly basis. I ate pretty well most of the time and worked out a couple of times per week, but I knew I could do better. To be honest, I didn’t think much about food. I ate whatever was in front of me. If I wanted cake, cookies, ice cream, or pizza, I just ate it.

Lucas’ system and coaching gave me the structure and accountability to achieve high energy all week long – so now I accomplish more and show up for my family. My weekly rhythm works. I’m working out 5 days a week, eating much healthier (many foods I did not know existed!), and the headaches and stomach aches are gone. Funny how that works!

Oh, and I lost 10 pounds and 2 belt notches, and I wasn’t even trying! I highly recommend the Man Up for busy men who also want to optimize energy and health. Lucas took great care of me in the program and I am grateful for him.

John Wayne Zimmerman, owner and director of eRocketFuel.com and father of two

“Energized Naturally
Getting Fit For Surfing.”

Why would another health coach who knows so much about nutrition and fitness join the Man Up? Because knowing doesn’t automatically translate to doing. Every season of life poses new challenges to our healthy habits that we must overcome. And, there is always the next level of energy, health and fitness to achieve! Check out Zeke’s story to find out why he signed up not only once but twice!

Zeke shared…

“I was addicted to coffee, and that was dis-empowering. It didn’t feel like I could choose whether or not to drink coffee, but that it was something I had to do a couple times a day to manage my mood and my energy. I was on a roller-coaster of energy ups and downs. Plus, I wanted to heal some chronic conditions – skin issues and inflammation in my body. I saw that there was an opportunity to transform my life in 30 days.

What I got out of the Man Up is that I have a choice to commit to my health and fitness, and the possibilities are pretty endless. My new relationship with coffee is big, but the 15-minute fitness is the #1 habit I gained – I can feel my cardiovascular fitness climb and grow and my flexibility climb and grow. It doesn’t give me the feeling that I can’t stick with it, which has shut me down in the past. The results were profound. I’m a graduate, but I’ll be repeating the Man Up at the end of the month.

Zeke Phillips, personal chef, coach and surfer

“I saw drastic changes in my body.
I’m committed to my new routine.”

testimonial brad

I needed a jump start after the Holidays. I was stuck in a bit of a rut due to traveling and endless holiday parties. My goals were to lose weight, burn body fat, and get in a sustainable food and fitness routine, and I achieved 3 out of 4 in just 30 days.

I basically worked out every morning before work which was a huge accomplishment for me as I am not a morning person. I established a habit of preparing the optional recipes on the weekend, which set me up for the week. That saved time and ensured I stayed on plan. Regarding weight loss, I didn’t lose many pounds, but I saw pretty drastic changes in terms of my body composition (muscle weighs much more than fat) and how I felt overall.

Since the Man Up, I’ve remained committed to my workout routine (albeit a little more balanced in terms of before work / after work) and am still on the food plan. The progress and journey continues to move forward and I’m looking forward to doing another Man Up in March. A big thank you to Lucas as the driving force and inspiration of the program but also to the other coaches and men who took the challenge and provided support all along the journey.

Brad, 32, Financial Professional in New York City

“I No Longer Need Caffeine…
I Feel Better And I’m More Confident.”


As a busy salesman working 70-hour work weeks, I was increasingly out of shape and feeling unhealthy. I used to rely on school athletics to keep me in shape. Since joining the workforce, I’ve been telling myself “I’ll work out tomorrow,” but never doing it.

The majority of my meals became takeout ordered online. I worked all day, so I rewarded myself with a nice lasagna, beer, and time on the couch. It’s not like I was obese and super unhealthy, but there was always looming doubt – “will you ever be in shape again? What will it take?” I kept using my busy work schedule as the excuse.

In the past, I tried to establish new habits. I always did too much in a small period of time, messed up one time, and lost motivation.

The Man-Up set me up for success and simplified habit change. Now I’m a man who does what he says he’ll do with food and fitness. And, when I don’t, I get back on track quickly.

I no longer need caffeine for energy, my nutrition is upgraded, and I MAKE time for fitness. I feel better and I’m more confident. Surprisingly, scheduling out my non-work activities (e.g. exercise, meals, errands) – a habit I picked up from the Man-Up – has me more productive in my work hours.

No more excuses or procrastination. Definitely join the next Man-Up if you want an edge in every area of your life. You’ll learn how to get results (energy, fitness, weight loss) no matter the obstacles.

I’m excited for my next Man-Up!

Dan, salesman in New York City


 “Honestly, I Feel Terrific.”


My father passed away very unexpectedly from a heart attack. He was the last person I would have expected to have a heart problem. He was fit, trim, energetic, enthusiastic, a healthy eater, etc. After this tragedy, I became increasingly interested in learning about heart health, and I joined the Man Up to learn more.

I learned how to fuel my body with the best possible nutritional combinations for me. Lucas and the guys bolstered my knowledge of nutrition for heart health while giving me tips to me make healthy eating more fun, tasty, and energizing. The energy that I felt and continue to feel is powerful. Honestly, I feel terrific.

The Man Up allows you to drill down into the heart of what matters to you regarding health, and learn specific strategies to achieve your goals. I recommend it to any man that is interested, curious, and/or enthusiastic about health and feeling a high level of energy each and every day.”

– Gene Williams, 33, Sales Manager in Baltimore City

*  Timeline  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  Why It Works  *  Features  *  FAQ  *  Bonuses  *

Why Does The Man Up Work?

Key #1
No-Nonsense Nutrition

Rock The 14-Day Detox

In Weeks #2-#3, you’ll cut out foods that deplete energy, tax immunity and make men fat. Expect elevated energy, moods, and weight loss (if overweight) and improvement of nagging symptoms. ANY MAN can detox, even if you don’t cook. You’ll eat plenty of real food (as many calories as you need), so you’ll never be hungry.

Choose Your Own Nutrition Track

In the Man Up, you have options depending on your goals, experience level and preferences. New members typically stick with the Original “Whole Foods Track, but you can also choose between 5 tracks, including:

1. Whole Foods -> Beginner Track
2. Slow Carb -> Accelerated Weight Loss
3. Vegetarian/Vegan -> Ethical + Environmental Track
4. Paleo/Caveman -> Anti-Inflammatory Track
5. Juicing/Raw -> Cleansing + Immunity Boost

Save Time With Meal Plans

You don’t need to cook on this detox.  Use the “Dude Food” Meal Plans (come with shopping lists) to save time. Choose from beginner and intermediate plans (for those who want more variety + nutrition).

Be Unstoppable

You will learn to succeed with food even when traveling, eating at restaurants, tailgating or going to parties. Along with “done-for-you” meal plans, we’ve also got cheat-sheet guides for overcoming all these common obstacles. Confidently enjoy your life and rock out in your career without feeling hungry, deprived or “throwing in the towel.”

Key #2
Rock Solid Fitness

man push up black background looking forward PAID istock

Busy Man Fitness Plan
(Just 15-Minutes Per Day)

No more inconsistent workouts or wasted money on gym memberships! You’ll integrate a powerful DAILY 15-min. fitness practice you can do anywhere without equipment. We provide video instruction for 3 types of workouts. You’ll be amazed at your strength and stamina gains after just 30 days (and stoked 6 months later when you’re still working out daily!).

30 Days To Build A Habit

Workout for as long as you like, just make sure you nail your daily 15-min. minimum.30 days of anything can make a huge difference. The key is to establish the baseline habit first, get momentum and then build from there. In your Man Up, we’ll hold you accountable to achieve the next level of fitness appropriate for you.

A few years ago, Lucas wasn’t working out at all.  In his first Man Up, he established the daily habit of a daily 15-minute minimum. This habit carried over and was strengthened in his second Man Up.  By his third Man Up, he took his fitness to the next level with a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge. Check out his before and after pictures!

The key point is to set the bar low and build momentum.  Always have a minimum practice you can do anywhere and no matter how busy you are.


bikram yoga before and after head to knee

Key #3
Habit Change Mastery

Why do men fail? They lack the fundamentals and take short cuts that sabotage their efforts. In the Man Up, these 4 Keys for Habit Change will help you achieve your 30-day goals AND rapidly improve in ANY area of life for the rest of your life.

1. Stay Inspired

Most Men try to fix themselves with hopes to “some-day” live a great life.

The Masters go for their goals and dreams NOW (health is a no-brainer).

2. Keep It Simple

Most Men start and stop intense diets and workout plans (too far, too fast).

The Masters focus on minimum changes that generate unstoppable momentum.

3. Track Progress

Most Men set goals and make commitments, only to forget a few days later.

The Masters are meticulous about recording, reviewing and tracking daily.

4. Be 100% Accountable

Most Men are too proud to be held accountable, but we all fail on the path to success.

The Masters welcome accountability from strong men who stand for their greatness.

What’s Included
in the 30-Day Man Up?

A. Step-By-Step 30-Day Plan… value $99

includes guidebook and tracking sheets, along with videos & more for:

  • 4 key daily practices for habit change
  • tracking sheets for success
  • 3 smart workouts with videos (for 15 mins each)

B. The 14-Day Detox … value $49

  • detailed instructions, faq and food lists
  • 5 different nutrition tracks to choose from
  • “dude food” meal plans + shopping lists
  • cooking videos and recipes

C. One 1-on-1 Coaching Call… value $200
          (new members only)

  • customize your food plan and other Man Up commitments
  • be 110% clear about how to have success in the Man Up
  • get all your questions answered and troubleshoot challenges

D. 4 Group Coaching Calls… value $199

  • accountability, coaching, and Q&A
  • Wednesday nights at 7 pm EST or Thursday lunch at 12 pm EST
  • recorded in case you miss!

E. Online Coaching & Accountability… value $199

  • private Facebook group to get coaching from Lucas, Matt and Joe (daily, as needed)
  • the Man Cup competition for extra incentive, fun, and camaraderie
  • one mandatory weekly online check ins to keep everyone on track and in the game

F. Lifetime Graduate Discounts… value $300+*

  • review the Man Up each season at a super discount
  • the Man Up LIVE will run 4-6 times per year*
  • be the first to know about new programs and special offers

* You’ll save BIG every time you review the Man Up.  The graduate rate will always be a “no-brainer” (currently just $47) to make it easy for you to continuously raise the bar in your life. The coaches personally participate in the Man Up to continuously up our game and to find solutions to new challenges as they arise in our lives.  The reality is that most of us will want and need accountability ongoing.  Every new chapter in our lives brings new obstacles.  We support one another to establish and maintain high level health and vitality while the rest of the world settles for obesity, fatigue, sickness, and mediocrity across the board.

* We are growing and empowering a community of purpose-driven men.  We want you to keep coming back and to share with your friends (because the program works, because it’s affordable and because there is nothing out there like it for the kind of men we serve).  We welcome your participation and your feedback to help us continuously innovate and improve this service.  We get better every season!

* Count on the Man Up to run live at least for one more season after this one. We reserve the right to stop offering it live after that, but we have no plan to do so.  We love leading and participating in this program, as it helps us take our health and fitness to the next level, and it’s incredibly fun and satisfying to support other men to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Handle The Detox?

The Detox is not extreme. You eat REAL FOOD and plenty of it. It’s not a liquid fast, low-fat, or carb-free diet. We’ve led over 500 people through the detox, and even the most cracked-out caffeine and sugar addicts make it through and are glad they did. Before you Detox, you’ll do a 1-on-1 call with a coach to ensure your plan will work for you and your life, plus you have Week #1 to get prepared and to wean yourself off any high amounts of caffeine or sugar.

After the program, you can eat whatever you want, but you will find yourself naturally attracted to more healthy foods. You’ll be amazed to see that some old habits just disappear, even ones you thought you’d never want to give up. However, anything you truly want back in your life, feel free to bring it back. Each time you detox (we recommend 2-6 times per year), you’ll raise the bar of your habits naturally. Some new habits stick. Some old habits disappear.

How Much TIME Will All This Take?

Core Daily Commitments:

  • daily practices of reviewing goals and tracking commitments (5-10 mins.)
  • energize, strengthen & vitalize with daily fitness (15 mins.)

Core Weekly Commitments:

  • customize your commitments for the week in a tracking sheet (15 mins)
  • check in once weekly on Facebook (10-15 mins.)
  • attend group coaching call LIVE or RECORDED (45 mins)

*  Timeline  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  Why It Works  *  Features  *  FAQ  *  Bonuses  *

And Bonuses!

Bonus #1
The Spiritual Foundation Of Success
with Business Coach Seth Braun
(value $29)

Seth Braun and Family 300 Wide Bonus Picture

Exclusive Audio Recording of LIVE Talk
+ Action Guide From Seth Braun  

With This Bonus, You Will Learn To…

  • Boost Productivity By Being Fully Authentic In Your Business And Life
  • Avoid The Pitfalls That Sabotage Success By Learning To Recognize The Two Roads That Lead Either To Glory Or To Downfall
  • Identify The Strategic Steps That Successful Men Always Take When Turning Dream Ideas Into Real-World Realities (I.E. Successful Businesses)

This 20 minute talk and action guide from Seth, will fire you up, get your enthusiasm flowing and connect you to your fundamental truths (the source of your creative power).  Seth Braun helps holistic and creative entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams by taking meaningful, consistent action with confidence and courage.  In addition to over 3,000 coaching hours and 500 speaking engagements in the past nine years, Seth has authored three books, including his latest, Indestructible Success: “the best success book of the decade for creative and holistic leaders.” Highly recommended!

Bonus #2
5 Surprising Time Truths
to Massively Boost Your Productivity and Focus
with Productivity Coach Julie Gray
(value $47)


Join Julie Gray, creator of the
True Time Management Method, on a
journey to clear priorities and a to-do list
that is actually doable.

During this 45-minute downloadable recording, you will learn…

  • How To Understand Your True Work Capacity – Alleviate Pressure And Anxiety
  • 4 Reasons Why Your To-Do List Is Never Done (And Will Never Be Done If You Keep Working The Way You Do)
  • 5 Productivity Killers That Are Driving Your Day Without You Realizing It
  • A Counter-Intuitive Approach To Increasing Your Productivity That Actually Works

You will also receive a workbook with 3 invaluable time management templates:

  • A daily planning tool to help focus and prioritize your day
  • A worksheet to build your time estimation muscles
  • A visual tool for managing your workflow and priorities
  • PLUS, a graphic to show you how much your time wasters are costing you in $$$

juliegraypicThe True Time Management Program uses brain research, mindfulness, and behavioral science to get to the heart of what you need to stay organized. This package is valued at $47 – and it’s worth much more if you integrate these concepts into your life for good.

Julie Gray, COC teaches busy professionals a powerful approach to work and life that allows you to stress less and live more. As a certified organizer coach, Julie spent 2 years training in a blend of ADD and Life Coaching from the Applied Institute of Coaching. She has continued her coaching and productivity training through mindfulness-based and body-centered programs.

Bonus #3

Sex, Power + Happiness
with Sex and Intimacy Coach Laurie Handlers
(value $29)



During this exclusive interview with Laurie, you will:

  • Learn the key to have your partner be even more generous with you (including sexually)
  • Discover 3 simple exercises to boost your sex drive, your sexual longevity, and your capacity to give and receive pleasure (try them out in the Man Up!)
  • Learn why communication is the key to an amazing sex life and how to powerfully request sex and share your sexual desires (all of them!)
  • Hear Laurie touch on subjects like sexual inadequacy, pornography, and monogamy, while challenging Lucas to “get his balls back” ASAP

Laurie Handlers is a sex and happiness coach, an author, a dynamic speaker and facilitator, and radio host, and a filmmaker. We recommend Laurie’s book Sex and Happiness as a guide for having better sex while increasing your power, intimacy and happiness. Laurie has been teaching transformational workshops since 1978 on techniques and secrets for healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress. If you want to take your sex life (and your happiness) to the next level, enroll for one of her transformational courses.

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We added up the value of everything you get in the Man Up, including your 30-day action plan, 4 group coaching calls, 14-day detox plan, meal plans, daily online support, fitness and cooking videos, lifetime graduate discount, and more. It all comes to a total value of at least $1151.  To make this life-changing program an absolute “no-brainer” for you, we’re offering the Man Up to you at a crazy discounted price.

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We’re so confident that you will get awesome results that we’re taking away all the risk for you to get started in the program. Here’s how this works. Sign up, take a look at the materials, and participate in the first conference call (or listen to the recording). If you aren’t completely stoked and confident about the plan and support we’ve created for you in the 30-Day “Man Up!”, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. This is a guarantee. You have to be on Call #1 or listen to the recording, and then let us know within 24 hours. Fair enough?


So Damn True…

Have you ever said this?

“Tomorrow, I’ll start working out and stop eating junk!”

My mentor once taught me, “Luke, whatever you do today is what you’ll do forever because tomorrow never happens.” This blew me away and has motivated me to do something for my health and success every single day.

When is the right time to stop procrastinating and get in action to create the fitness, health and energy you want? Now is the time! It’s the only time.


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“Yes! I’m ready to elevate my energy, health and fitness. I understand I’ll have your support for 30 days with 4 group calls (recorded), daily guide + check list, and daily Facebook support and community.

“Yes! I’m glad that new members get a 60-minute 1-on-1 phone coaching session at the beginning of the program, so I’m sure to have all my questions answered and start the Man Up with a custom food and fitness plan.”

“Yes! I understand that I’ll get bonuses like cooking videos and “done-for-me” meal plans. I also appreciate the opportunity to get started with your zero risk money back guarantee! I’m in and I’m ready to Man Up!”


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Lucas Seipp-Williams,
Certified Health Coaches + Coach In Training

Lucas Seipp-Williams and Joe Johnson are Certified Health Coaches trained in nutrition.  Matt Sadler is a Man Up graduate of multiple seasons, a personal success story, and a coach in training.  Together, we support men to optimize nutrition and lifestyle habits for energy, fitness and health.