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Not Losing Weight? 5 Factors That Stall Weight Loss

Many of my clients lose weight pretty effortlessly (e.g. 1-2 pounds per week for many weeks in a row) simply by controlling a few key nutrition variables (calories, fiber, carbs, sugars, etc.) and getting on track with a simple, strategic fitness plan. Other client’s don’t get this happy result despite making the same exact changes.  This is not simply […]

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“I’m A Loser & I’m Losing At Life.” (What Drives You Into Self-Sabotage? What Can You Do About It?)

Do You Have Thoughts Like These? “I’m such a loser. I’m 34 years old and I should be farther in my personal development, my contribution, my career, my finances.  Looking around at friends and colleagues, I can’t believe I’m not farther along. So, many of the goals I’ve set for myself I’ve failed to achieve.  In so […]

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What To Do When You’re Completely Burned Out (Like Me During The First Year Of My Kid’s Life)

I’ve been wearing myself down for years. Ever since middle school, I’ve been a night owl who stays up late trying to get it all done and experience everything in life.  Even as a health coach these last 10 years, I’ve struggled with the discipline to prioritize sleep.  I’ve always taken on a lot of […]

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I Almost Quit Coaching This Year

I almost quit health coaching this year. Had I lost my passion for health and fitness?  That’s what I’ve been thinking.   I’ve often found myself thinking things like… “There is so much more to life and so many more important ways I could be contributing to society than helping people with weight loss and fitness. […]

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Emotional Eating Series

How To Stop Emotional Eating (To Finally Lose Weight or Heal Your Body) – Video Series With Coach Lucas

I Never Thought I Was An Emotional Eater… Growing up, I didn’t have a food “problem,” I was a growing athlete who loved to eat. I ate as much ice cream, pizza and french fries as I could.  Then, in my twenties, I got sick.  Specifically, my digestion went to hell. That’s when I first experimented […]

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Love To Party AND Want Six Pack Abs? Meet James. (How To Have It All)

I recently started working with a new 1-on-1 client.  We’ll call him James. James wants to “have it all,” and he seemingly already does. He’s got a great career, money, fitness (cross trains and runs half marathons), friends, romance.  He’s a single, professional man living the dream in New York City.  So, what’s the problem? […]

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Why “Space Cadets” End Up Healthy + Happy (Leverage The Link Between Space + Success)

So, what’s your next big life breakthrough? get fit and lose weight? lower cholesterol and blood pressure? get a promotion, make more money or transform your career? strike a powerful balance between work and life? meet the partner of your dreams and start a life together? Whatever it is… you’ve got to understand the link between SPACE and BREAKTHROUGHS. […]

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Who Guarantees Your Career Success? (Warriors Do)

Who Guarantees Your Career Success? (Warriors Do) I want to tell you about one of the coolest, most powerful things going on in my life right now… Last Fall, I co-created a mastermind group with five fellow entrepreneurs.  We call ourselves “Open Hearted Warriors of Possibility and Abundance.” (Yes, our name might suggest we are new age cheese-balls, but […]

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